AIIPL was set up in 2004 with an aim to bring the freshest tea at the best prices to our customers in India & Internationally. Our aim has always been to achieve customer delight through excellence in quality in all our products, processes and services to emerge as a leading player.

Our Strength
  • Customer focus
  • Reliability
  • Innovation & Agility
  • Sustainability
Our activities
We focus on the market creation of tea and simultaneously work on product innovation to elevate the livelihood of millions of small growers and farmers. Our strategy, plan, procuring, and production system is scientifically devised to connect tea farmers and the global market.
Purpose of the brand
Sustainability is a key feature of our policy and ideology. We have a fair sourcing system to maintain a greener environment and a healthy ecosystem by adopting environment-friendly technologies.
  • We are committed to preserving and enriching the environment by optimal use of resources and adopting green processes.
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle.
Customer is King
We are a customer-centric company, hence always prioritize customer's interests. Serving consumers with the best products and service is our priority. Our policies are transparent, commercials are competent, and operations aim to provide an unmatchable customer experience.
Technology augments our efficacy
Technology has proven to be a boon for agriculture. Empowered by different agro-technology we have improved the productivity of our products. We have a fair process of production, which takes care of the environment, protects from deforestation, and yet yields an optimum harvest.
Deliver value to the customer segment
Our package of tea not just delivers taste, it also delivers value to the customer. Reliability is one of our key features. Our customers and associates prefer us for accountability and service efficiency.


Helping clients succeed by delivering the best value multi-origin bespoke sustainable tea products with sincerity, honesty, responsibility & high efficiency.


To be one of the world's leading sustainable beverage companies, bringing innovations to improve the way our customers reach out to their customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are dedicated to uplifting / improving the quality of life in the community we operate in, using our competencies to meet the needs of the communities & elevate livelihood for millions of small growers & farmers by market creations & product innovation.


We are certified by respective authorities for maintaining quality and eco-friendly production system